[issue762] missing 's0' in device use

Thomas Nikolajsen sinknull at crater.dragonflybsd.org
Thu Aug 9 14:49:11 PDT 2007

Thomas Nikolajsen <thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk> added the comment:

I have looked into this; think I'm finished for now.

New patches attached:
 - vnconfig(8)
forgot one place in prev. patch.

 - ccd(4), ccdconfig(8)
tested, not just guessing.

 - disklabel(8)
I have called 's0' for 'compatibility slice',
other (w/ positive slice number) 'normal slice'.
Terms used was: 'base disk/raw disk' and 'slice';
this had to change if 's0' is called a slice, which seems natural.
I'm not sure s0 always technically is a compatibility slice;
eg. for vn0s0 or ccd0s0; if other terms should be used,
give me a hint or just change it.
Also first disklabel example is changes a bit:
a ccd partition is added (we don't use 4.2BSD for that any more),
and an error is fixed: sizes and offsets didn't add up correctly.

 - disklabel64(5), disklabel64(8)
Minimal changes: just to show disklabel64; not 'disklabel'
(which I think is confusing at best).
I could make a more elaborate patch if needed
(including same change for disklabel64.c).

 - vinum(4), vinum(8)
This isn't tested yet; will do that.
's0' is added to devicenames without;
I guess this is correct as eg. /dev/da1h doesn't exist any more.
Also disklabel output for a vinum partition is dropped,
as preceeding text says it server no useful purpose.
(if needed I could change output to current form instead).
A few comments on ccd(4) are updated.

I came to think about that information on changed disk device use,
is only in /usr/src/UPDATING, which isn't on release CD.
I think easiest solution would be to just copy UPDATING to root of CD.


PS: It could be really nice it this could be committed ASAP and MFC'ed,
so it could hit the next release update
(Matt talked about this coming week-end for mbuf fix).

status: unread -> chatting

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