panic with latest SYSINIT changes

Sascha Wildner saw at
Mon Apr 30 08:25:45 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:trying to boot with the latest SYSINIT changes, I get an early panic:
:I've tried with and without ACPI. The box is an old P3 laptop.

    Try to match up those code addresses with the nm -n output from
    the kernel binary:
    It looks like it should be something simple.
OK, no addresses match exactly. The nearest neighboring addresses 
(addresses in brackets are from the trace) follow:

. ..
c013f810 T btext
c013f879 t begin
c013f8bc T sigcode
. ..
c0295b0b T mi_startup
c0295c18 t print_caddr_t
. ..
c029b42c T module_register_init
c029b4f8 T module_register
c029b60d T module_reference
. ..


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