usb bugs?

walt wa1ter at
Wed Jun 21 11:07:09 PDT 2006

walt wrote:
[...] I see the scanner
> detected on /dev/ugen0 -- but it never appears on /dev/uscanner0.

A minor update to the uscanner driver solved this problem.

> I see similar results when I plug in a San-Disk USB drive -- the
> device winds up as /dev/da0s1 in FreeBSD, but never appears as a
> usable device in /dev in DragonFly.

My fault -- I didn't have 'device da' enabled in my kernel.

> One other datum:  the SanDisk USB drive shows up in dmesg as *both*
> umass0 and umass1, which seems odd.

This still seems odd -- but the drive works properly, so I guess
it's just a curiosity rather than a problem.

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