On DragonFlyBSD 1.5.4, KDE freezes on startup

Thomas Schlesinger schlesinger at netcologne.de
Wed Jun 21 02:15:49 PDT 2006

Am Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006 10:57 schrieb Sepherosa Ziehau:


> That's cooool, can you try following patch, it may fix your iwi
> disassoc problem:
> http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~sephe/if_iwi.diff
> Best Regards,
> sephe


unfortunately, your patch did't fix my problem, it remains exactly like 
described here:  
http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/mailarchive/users/2006-06/msg00213.html .

In addition, I've found out, that I can "restore" my connection to the router, 
when I ping a non-existing, but valid IP in my subnet.

That's very weird for me. How is it possible to ping my desktop via my router 
hardware, which is my wireless access point, too,  but can't ping my router 


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