Hard-coded M_* flags

YONETANI Tomokazu qhwt+dfly at les.ath.cx
Wed Jun 7 20:45:22 PDT 2006

Hi, all.
I've been trying to update my PPPoE router/mail server in my room from
1.2.6-RELEASE to 1.4.4-RELEASE for a week now and always resulted
in a panic saying "bad mbuf flags" in m_free().  At first I thought
it was netgraph code was at fault because I'm using mpd, but the same
thing happened with ppp.  After poking here and there in the source tree,
I found that ipfw2 is abusing mbuf mh_flags by defining M_SKIP_FIREWALL
as 0x4000 in ip_fw2.c file.  Since 0x4000 in mh_flags also mean
M_EXT_CLUSTER, this produced an mbuf entry with M_EXT_CLUSTER set
without M_EXT, which led to a panic.  Argh.

Instead of dumping ipfw and switching over to pf, I decided to investigate
other instances of M_* flags in DragonFly_RELEASE_1_4 source code by
grep'ping through with the following pattern:
  $ egrep -r '(\.|->)mh?_flags *[|&]=? *[(~]?M_' /sys/

So far the problematic(IMO) flags are M_SKIP_FIREWALL, M_FEC_*,
and M_NOTIFICATION.  I tried to think about how to solve the problem, but
as m_hdr.mh_flags is 16bit-wide, there's no extra room left to fit them.
(and changing the size of struct mbuf within a release branch is not
desirable, right?)  I thought M_PROTO4 and M_PROTO5 can be used since
they are ipv6-specific and ipfw doesn't handle ipv6, but I don't know.
On FreeBSD 5 or later, M_SKIP_FIREWALL is already moved to <sys/mbuf.h>,
but M_FEC_* are left hardcoded in ng_fec.c.

[hardcoded M_ flags]
  M_SKIP_FIREWALL: defined as 0x4000, which conflicts with M_EXT_CLUSTER

  M_FEC_MAC: defined as 0x2000, which may conflict with M_CLCACHE
  M_FEC_INET: defined as 0x4000, which may conflict with M_EXT_CLUSTER
  M_FEC_INET6: defined as 0x8000, which may conflict with M_PHCACHE
    (I've never used ng_fec, BTW)

  M_NOTIFICATION: defined as 0x10000 in mbuf.h(doesn't fit in a short int!)

  M_CANFASTFWD: probably harmless, unless someone defines M_CANFASTFWD

  M_HASFCS: probably harmless, unless someone defines M_HASFCS

  M_LINK0: probably harmless, unless someone defines M_LINK0

[uses of M_PROTOn flags]
  M_PROTO1: defined in mbuf.h

  M_AUTHIPHDR: defined as M_PROTO2 in in6.h

  M_HIGHPRI: defined as M_PROTO2 in if_ppp.c

  M_DECRYPTED: defined as M_PROTO3 in in6.h

  M_ERRMARK: defined as M_PROTO3 in if_ppp.c

  M_LOOP: defined as M_PROTO4 in ip6.h
    /sys/net/if_loop.c		(#ifdef INET6)

  M_AUTHIPDGM: defined as M_PROTO5 in in6.h

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