[Feature request]Include SMP kernel on boot CD

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Dec 13 13:18:57 PST 2006

:Yes, you are right, but maybe a warning should pop up that lists the 
:available fixes (you can pull that from the readme) if one chooses to 
:install the MP kernel.
:Gergo Szakal

    What we can do is have the two SMP variants (with and without APIC_IO)
    on the CD.  I'd rather not try to hook it into the installer UI for
    this release, but having them on the CD would make it easy for people
    to test SMP boxes either via the CD boot or post-installation by
    copying them over to the HD.

    Would someone like to add that to the nrelease build?  It should be just
    one or two lines in the Makefile to crate /kernel.SMP and

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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