PF and others

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Wed Dec 13 02:03:46 PST 2006

Are you running -HEAD? My server is running 1.6.1-RELEASE. I didnt see 
any PF related bug-fixes in 1.6 and I havent cvsuped any anyway. I used 
to have to reboot every 20-30 days before i turned it off.


Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
Petr Janda wrote:
Correct. I just have PF turned off for the time being. uptime 70+ 
days at the moment.
note from my side:  my firewall runs 70+ days *with* pf now.  maybe 
just coincidence.  can't tell for sure if it was fixed.  before i had 
a reboot about every 30 days.


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