Firefox does not start

Rumko rumcic at
Fri Dec 29 05:24:48 PST 2006

After a recent update (including to ff from firefox 
became ... useless:
> /usr/bin/time -h firefox
        0.68s real              0.17s user              0.07s sys

Of course no window popped up, there was nothing. Removing the .mozilla 
directory only adds 1 or 2 seconds until it exits (it seems to 
create .mozilla folder and a default profile). I did ktrace firefox and I 
have no idea how or why it does die but it does experience "Resource 
temporarily unavailable" a few times so I suspect this is the same as the 
gmake's write error I have been experiencing since May 2006 (maybe even 
before but would have to check more thoroughly).

After this I also tried accessing some protected samba shares with konqueror 
and in most cases I just got a nice box saying "Internal error has occured: 
Resource temporarily unavailable" and a few times I actually got back "Access 
denied" (which it should've reported in all cases?).

So I suspect the same cause (bug) is shared among all three cases (if all 3 
are experiencing the same problem, it is probably present in other things I 
haven't noticed yet?). Now since without firefox I can't even access my bank 
or work from home or do anything else productive (all my bookmarks, passwords 
and certificates are saved in firefox) I am _really_ desperate. I did try 
checking the ktrace of firefox to find the problem myself but it would 
probably take me a few weeks just to find out why does it die and I need it 
solved much faster.

The ktraces are present at leaf:~rumko/crash/firefox/ktrace.*, 
leaf:~rumko/crash/gmake/ktrace.* and leaf:~rumko/crash/konqueror/ktrace.*. 
There are some old e-mails if you search for "write error" on the ML and 
there is some more info that Matt told me through e-mail so whoever does pick 
this job up, e-mail so I can send you some more information.

I need this solved ASAP and am prepared to pay up to 100€ (I would have put 
this on the Code Bounties page on the wiki but I'm not even sure if it is the 
same bug or not).
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