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Gergo Szakal bastyaelvtars at
Wed Dec 13 11:50:44 PST 2006

Gergo Szakal wrote:
Update: some web pages just don't load, clients behind the firewall 
cannot even connect to those particular servers ( for 
example). Tcpdump shows nothing, when we disable pf, they load.
Behind my other bridge, the aforementioned page loads. I recall reports 
on similar behaviour with OpenBSD 3.6, we did not have this with OpenBSD 
3.7 and 3.8. I think the only salwage for this will be a PF update in 
the base system, until then, I'll redirect the requests targeting this 
(popular) website to an HTTP proxy.

Gergo Szakal
University of Szeged, Hungary
Faculty of General medicine
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