pkgsrc - nbitools (needed for xemacs)

David Cuthbert dacut at
Tue Sep 20 02:09:15 PDT 2005

Taking my first baby steps into pkgsrc now...

I'm trying to build xemacs -- by default, it wants Canna, which wants 
nbitools.  nbitools has a file (imake.c) which isn't DragonFly-ified.

However, I'm confused as to why this package even exists.  It seems to 
overlap with existing packages (xorg-imake, for example) in a bad way.

What's the best way to proceed here?  Is this a pkgsrc issue, or do we 
need to add a patch in to our view of pkgsrc?

(I was able to unwedge my xemacs build by getting rid of USE_CANNA, 

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