nfs permission escalation?

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Fri Oct 7 17:30:51 PDT 2005


I just experienced the following:

server# echo '/mnt -ro' >> /etc/exports && /etc/rc.d/mountd reload
Reloading mountd config files.
server% cd /mnt && mkdir foo && chmod 500 foo
server% cp /bin/echo foo && chmod 555 foo/echo
client# mount -t nfs server:/mnt /mnt
client# /mnt/echo foo
echo: permission denied
client% /mnt/echo foo
client# /mnt/echo foo
A directory on the server is only r-x------, the mount is exported with 
default settings (=rootsquash).  Root on the client can't execute a 
binary from this directory.

Everything fine till here.  Now I run the binary as the user on the 
client:  I am allowed to run it.  Still fine.

Now if I try to run it as root (again), it suddenly works.  I guess that 
our namecache isn't aware of the rootsquashing and thus grants access to 
the cached vnode.

Hope I explained this bug correctly :)

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