pkgsrc bug really

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Nov 17 10:23:15 PST 2005

this is a very simple but silly bug in pkgsrc:

cd /home/boink/pkgsrc/lang/gcc3-c/work/gcc-3.3.5
&& contrib/gcc_update --touch
Invalid configuration `i386-pc-dragonfly1':
system `dragonfly1' not recognized
Invalid configuration `i386-pc-dragonfly1':
system `dragonfly1' not recognized
Unrecognized host system name
well ... I think the pkgsrc needs a new patch :)
This is not a bug. And it is not a problem specifically with pkgsrc.

The problem is that GCC's gcc-3.3.5 configuration and build does not know 
about DragonFly. I don't see any mention of "DragonFly" for 3.3.6 changes. 
And 3.3.6 is the last release of 3.3.x series. Maybe you can look at the 
connfiguration or build steps for gcc-3.3.5 (or 3.3.6) without pkgsrc and 
see if it should also check for "dragonfly*" in places it checks for 

Please consider sending a bug report to NetBSD's gnats to keep track of 
this. Or use a newer gcc instead if they work.

Does anyone know if native GCC 4.0.x supports DragonFly? Or version 4.1*?

 Jeremy C. Reed

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