Report of a number of problems

elekktretterr at elekktretterr at
Fri Nov 11 17:04:58 PST 2005

> Maybe the -GCC3 kernels are 
>    devel kernels.  I'm guessing they are, and I can diff the date 
> range for those. 

If that's correct then its a good news because I just tested
2CSNAP-20050320-GCC3.iso and its working also.

> Actually, I don't recall asking, but have you tried the absolute 
> latest development kernel?

I havent tried CVS, the latest -Devel I tried was 20051031. its the last
iso-image available on chlamydia. There is a kernel source from I
believe 20051108 but I cant fetch it(for the reason above): I'll try to
empty some space from my usb flash drive to copy it on there.


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