Report of a number of problems

Joerg Sonnenberger joerg at
Mon Nov 7 07:19:23 PST 2005

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 01:53:24AM +1100, elekktretterr at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Problems: 
> 1) Kernel starting very slow, takes a long time to get to the init
> stage(~1 minute).

Can you try a kernel without atapicam?

> 3) around 20 of these:
> acpi_bus_number: can't get _ADR

Normally a bug in the DSDT. It often doesn't hurt.

> 5)
> ad4: dma limited to UDMA 33, non ATA66 cable or device
> not a bug perhaps, but I thought DragonFly can now manage SATA disks? At
> least once in the past I saw SATA disks being detected correctly as
> SATA-150.

Just ignore, it is a minor bug which doesn't affect the usage.


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