moused and x

walt wa1ter at
Sat May 14 16:50:41 PDT 2005

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:
-On [20050502 17:22], Rumko (rumcic at xxxxxxxxx) wrote:

my mouse starts to behave weird in x after a min or so. it jumps to the far
left side of the screen and unless i move it real slow i cant get it to move
right. did a "ktrace -i moused -t auto -z 4 -p /dev/psm0" and i have uploaded
the ktrace.out file to leaf:~rumko/ktrace.out

I am tracing this down and am getting somewhere, however, just curious, what
driver do you use in your configuration?
I've been having the same mouse problem with a ps/2 mouse.

I also see -t auto -p /dev/psm0 and in xorg.conf I have
driver 'mouse'
protocol 'auto'
device 'sysmouse'

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