ipv4 connection problems

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sun Mar 27 12:56:54 PST 2005

:I upgraded to a kernel dated March 23rd and I have yet to reproduce the
:problem.  The behavior was so hard to reproduce earlier, I was going to
:give it a few more days to actually see if it was gone (it's hard to
:prove a negative).  Would it benefit you more if I upgraded to the
:latest kernel now, or wait a few more days to see if the bug is already
:fixed?  I think it'd be better to upgrade now, but wanted to see what
:you think, since I'm the only one who has seen this problem.

    I would upgrade right now so we are all on the same page, just in case
    the clock fix was also causing the problem you report.

    Note that crater's clock stopped this morning, and apache stopped
    accepting connections.  Crater had been up 50+ days so this adds
    some fuel to the possibility that the clock issue was causing your 
    problem too.


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