Installer login broken (ncurse?)

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Jasse Jansson wrote:


> The only thing I have disabled in the BIOS is the SIL 3114
> SATA controller, because disables the SCSI controller.
. ..when the SATA controller is active...

common since WIN_DIOTS redefined everything as "SCSI"
that did not have fur around the edges.......

> SCSI cont: LSI 21320R dual channel, LSI 1030 chip, mpt driver,

In the 21320R BIOS, do you presently have the twin HDD defined
as a RAID0, a RAID1, JBOD, or as two independent drives?

If independent NOW, had they previously been defined otherwise?

- relevant configuration .pdf's downloadable from the page above.

> 2 HD's attached, both IBM 18 Gb U160 68 pin, SCSI id 0 and 1.
> About 1 meter U160 cable for 4 devices with a passive
> terminator at the end.

Should be an *active* terminator - and probably is such.

Check also that the 'term power' mini-berg jumper on the
drives is removed.  IBM ship it in-place IIRC. Postion 4?

> The controller BIOS reports the both disks are on the first channel,

- Which sounds like a typical SCSI RAID implementation.

 > but DFly attaches them to mpt1, not mpt0.

That controller can be told to present a wide variety
of physical arrangements as a *different* wide
variety of *logical* arrangements.

Get into the BIOS and check what you have set.

> Trying to install DFly on the second (id 1) disk.

What happens if you:

A) Disconnect the other HDD

B) Swap HDD channels (move cables at controller).

(Controller BIOS should complain).

> I can format the drive and even install bootblocks on both disks
> that works just fine to boot Solaris,

LSI ship Slowlaris-specific drivers, also 2 for Linux, etc,
but listed none for the *BSD's.

> but I can't newfs the disk
> with DFly.

The *BSD's do not list a driver specifically for the
LSI/AMI/Symbios/NCR 1030 chipset.

That does not mean it will not work with one of the
other existing drivers - there is a lot of commonality
in that family of chipsets.

I think some work in the RAID controller BIOS screen will
sort the issue.



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