Installer login broken (ncurse?)

Sascha Wildner saw at
Sun Mar 20 03:44:38 PST 2005

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
The gcc2 installer cd from 20-Mar-2005 02:18 (corecode) seems to defective.

When logging in as installer on ttyv0 the following message appears:

/usr/libexec/ld-elf.so1: Shared object "" not found, 
required by "dfuife_curses"
ttyv1 is not available, (alt+F2) but on ttyv2 (I guess) the following 
message appears:

vidcontrol: switching vty: Invalid argument
Installer started
* Creating DFUI connection on ``9999´´
* Connecting in ``9999´´
<white cursor wait block and nothing happens>

I noticed this, too. It is because the dfuife_curses package corecode 
puts on the CD is still linked against the old ncurses. I guess there's 
nothing we can do about it until he returns from Madrid.



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