Wrong list-address in the website pages

Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Sat Mar 19 12:52:48 PST 2005

Jasse Jansson wrote:

This is what the website tells you to send your subscription
e-mail to:
submit-request at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My mail was rejected when I sent it to that address,
but it worked when I changed 'lists' to 'crater'.
Is it because I use an iBook to read my mail?
Does it work better on those fancy powerbooks ;-)

Suspect a change, not an error.  AFAIK, Matthew rolls
his own MTA and MLM.  For sure it is using 'special'
As to the reading - Mozilla Newsreader, and yes,
it works *easier* on the PB 17' unless you have a large
hi-res external screen and/or better eyesight than mine!
100 dpi browsing and mail reading meets the
'circle of confusion' diameter - just. [1]
Much less tiring than when the eye can edge-detect

'The Leica Manual', Ernst Leitz - Wetzlar, DE 1950.

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