Firefox hangs in state 'kqread'

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Mar 17 12:51:56 PST 2005

:I have also recompiled -Stable dating from 02/22. But after the usual "make 
:buildworld" and "make buildkernel", I only did "make installkernel", and 
:rebooted, getting a -Stable kernel on a -CURRENT world.
:(I know that is not something to do, but I could not resist...)
:I checked if Opera would hang: it did.
:Then, I did a "make installworld", rebooted, checked Opera: it did not hang, 
:whatever I tried.
:I am currently recompiling the latest -Stable to try the same thing, but I 
:will not be able post the results before tomorrow. I will try with the latest
:-CURRENT as well.
:So I guess this is a userspace issue, and the problem is in the difference 
:between -CURRENT and -Stable...

    That's good sleuthing.  Clearly you are correct, it has to be a userspace
    issue.   Hiten had a thought which I will include:

: (Hiten)
:Matt, I have not touched libc in a very long time, but if you
:remember that once when I modified the locking code in libc it
:made Mozilla give weird timeouts on DNS lookups because the
:lockup hierarchy was messed.
:Maybe you want to check the recent libc related commits that
:are to do with some form of serialisation, etc.

    Considering the amount of work that has gone into libc recently,
    this is a very real possibility.  Now the question is finding what was
    changed in the (locking code probably) that created the problem.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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