dfly hangs about a minute on the boot up when it's trying to search after SATA disks.

Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Tue Mar 15 21:55:41 PST 2005

David Rhodus wrote:

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 23:51:46 +0100, daniel olsson <d.ubuntu at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So my Sil controller can be cheap shit then? :P

I'm currently using a VIA 823 but I have also used the Sil 3114 series
of SATA controllers with DragonFly without any trouble.  I've heard a
lot of mix responses of people having success with using these
controllers.  The only thing I can guess is that the board
manufacturers seem to change something when they make different
Very much so.  Most only care about one (alleged) OS family
Industrial SBC's, OTOH, are a whole 'nother world - and
are priced accordingly.
> I personally haven't run across a system in my hands that the
SATA controller didn't work under DFly....

Which, by the by, is a very nice plus.  They were not in the 4.X FreeBSD
series, they are *allegedly* in the 5.X series, but have been problematic.
in the (admittedly few) trials here - last years' buy being handed over
to OS/2 use.
So far, DFLY has been the one to most consistently get it right, so
whatever problem was 'solved', it may well have been entirely outside
the driver code per se.
Writing drivers for sub-optimal chipsets is a challenge, I am sure.
Realtek Ethernet comes to mind.
But once it is done, lots of folks gain significant savings.

I am grateful to the coders who make that possible - wizards they are.
- but even they cannot code around bad mechanicals,
or head-in-defilade misconfiguration.

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