dfly hangs about a minute on the boot up when it's trying to search after SATA disks.

daniel olsson d.ubuntu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 14:51:46 PST 2005

So my Sil controller can be cheap shit then? :P

"Bill Hacker" <wbh at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
news:42374d52$0$719$415eb37d at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 03:18:36AM +0800, Bill Hacker wrote:
>>>Problem exists on any OS that does its own scanning.
>>>And there is nothing we can do to change that, save
>>>skipping the device in ACPI if it is not intended
>>>for our use.
>> I disagree. Compare boot time of a pure ATA machine with and
>> without ATAPICAM, the default scan timeout of CAM is long enough
>> to trigger this.
>> Joerg
> Sorry for the delay -  been checking controllers and such ....
> not a lot of good news w/r the cheap seats controllers.....
> More when I have something less subjective...
> I did say "cheap"?  One of two Sil 3114 controllers had a burr
> on the cardedge that had to be cleaned up with needle files.  :-(
> There will be more like that, so we need *someplace* else
> to keep the discussion of such junk out of coder's faces.
> Bill 

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