dfly hangs about a minute on the boot up when it's trying to search after SATA disks.

daniel olsson d.ubuntu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 09:39:43 PST 2005

Hehe thank you i'm gonna test these things that bill wrote.
"YONETANI Tomokazu" <qhwt+dfly at xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
news:20050315160916.GF966 at xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 04:54:12PM +0100, daniel olsson wrote:
>> Yonetani i haven't tried dfly on this computer before.
>> i did just a upgrade from amd xp2400+ to a amd64 system.
> Ok, so I'm relieved :) Good luck on you and your faster machine. 

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