locate.updatedb breaks on inaccessible smbfs mounts

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sat Mar 12 14:59:46 PST 2005

Bill Hacker wrote:

Not a bug.

Regardless of UFS or {whatever} fs type, if *any* mount-point will contain
removable media or potentially unavailable networked resources.
 (NFS, SMB, AFS, TVS, CD & DVD formats/ devices, etc.)
..... it should be excluded from  traversal.

/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb already does exclude all fs types except 
ufs (see its ${FILESYSTEMS} variable) so there should be no need to add 
those smbfs shares' mount points to ${PRUNEPATHS} as well.

Rumko's problem here is that even though find is invoked with '! \( 
-fstype ufs \) -prune' it will die anyway when a smbfs share is 
unavailable. This looks like a bug and is independent of locate.updatedb.



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