Problem intr11 livelocked

Jonathan Buschmann jonthn at
Wed Mar 2 13:40:22 PST 2005

Bill Hacker a écrit :

> <snip>

> If one or more of the other OS' (WinWoes need not apply...) works 
without a whimper,
> then your report can help others try to delve into why and where 
DragonFly does not do so.
> For the time being, it smells to me like a 'hardware' issue....
> HTH,
> Bill

I must say that before Windows works on this computer it was FreeBSD the 
easiest to install. So i was thinking that installing Dfly would be 
practically the same.

I relaunched a few days ago a CD FreeBSD 5.3 and all went fine (HDD 
detected and NIC).


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