sorecieve panic

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Jun 18 17:24:03 PDT 2005

:Hey there,
:got this just today from a 1.3.2-DEVELOPMENT kernel from Thursday 
:(after all spl()s were converted to critical sections.)
:Is so_pru_rcvoob() not getting the message?

    Well, the actual panic is a 'receive 1' panic, which occurs when
    the mbuf chain does not match the number of chars the sockbuf thinks
    it has.  I had hoped that we had whacked all of those but I guess
    there's still one there somewhere.

    But there is a second panic in there while the kernel was trying to
    process the first panic.  To figure out where that occured I need your
    kernel binary.  Is there a URL you can make it available on so we can
    download it?  It might also be helpful to get the core dump.


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