Trouble with openvpn and /dev/tun

Dirk Liebke dliebke-dfly at
Fri Jul 8 01:44:47 PDT 2005

Hello Dmitri,

Dmitri Nikulin schrieb:
> Don't suppose you have an altq/dummynet setup that creates one-way
> packet loss and you forgot about it? :)
As mentioned this was just a plain upgrade to HEAD, and initially no
changes to my old environment were made.

To rule firewall issue out i disabled firewall explicitly  but still get
the same result.

Next i enabled debug in tun. With every ping send, tunoutput is called
but tcpdump says that the real packets show up about every 30s on the
wire. This might probably by an effect of recent altq-import. If time
permits i'll try to check the changes on if_tun.c between Preview and
HEAD at the weekend.

- Dirk

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