zero sized core files

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jul 4 08:52:29 PDT 2005

:On my DragonFly 1.2.3 system programs residing in NFS will generate
:zero sized core files. Programs residing in UFS generates valid
:core files. The program below can be used to test this.
:Happy hacking!
:        -Richard
:#include <assert.h>
:        assert(1 < 0);
:        return 0;

    I found it.  The core code tries to write out the file handle info
    and NFS does not support that VOP operation.  This data is used by
    the checkpointing code but the lack of it should not prevent us from
    being able to generate a core :-).

    I will change it so it does not abort the whole core dump.

    I need to look at the gzip stuff before I MFC it and bump the release
    sub version, so it will be a week before the fix makes it into the
    release (at least).

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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