Unable to upgrade to DragonFly_Preview (was: HEAD not compiling)

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sun Apr 10 04:17:51 PDT 2005

Max Okumoto wrote:

I think the easyest way to get around this problem
is to manually edit arch.c and replace strtoumax() with
strtoull().  This should allow you to get around the problem
where strtoumax() is not in libc.  I have made that change
in the current.  If you still have any problems please send
me more mail.
Thanks for helping. make compiles now.

But now I get a segfault while compiling gcc. buildworld log is at:


The machine was last upgraded 2 months ago (to current) and now I'm 
trying to upgrade to DragonFly_Preview.



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