Hangs using X

Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Tue Apr 5 12:11:53 PDT 2005

Guillermo Garcia Rojas wrote:

The problem here is I have a SiS 630/730 attached video card, not a
What should I do?
Try the same tricks.

Unless you have a 'dumb terminal' anything that can emulate one
to watch via the serial port can probably also ssh in.
(PuTTY on WinWoes, and BSD or Linux box, etc.)
Point is to see what goes on just before the problem
strikes, and to do so w/o being dependent on X
or Xterm to watch X.
Now - if also switching to 'generic VESA' solves your problem
as it did mine, then it isn't the nVidia driver, but something
else - but still probably in the X environment.
IOW, maybe not DragonFly specific, but MAY be
DragonFly 'related', as the box I was using had run
X under FreeBSD 4.8, 9, 10 for several trouble-free
years.  Older X, of course.
If it does NOT solve the problem, then a deeper
look into DragonFly is needed than I can help with.
But trying this is fast if you either have another box,
else are on an IP where one of us can ssh-in and
watch it for you.

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