xl and wifi card on 1.2 release

Jonathan Buschmann jonthn at agmact.com
Wed Apr 20 10:31:00 PDT 2005


I've just installed DragonFlyBSD 1.2 Release on my DELL Inspiron 8200. 
But the xl driver seems partially broken.

At first when i boot with ACPI enabled and after configuring the network 
 i've got many messages "livelocked! ..".

After that i rebooted with ACPI disabled and all runs fine except if 
i've got my Wifi card plugged-in at this time before configuring 
anything when i launch ifconfig -a i've got the message :
"xl0: unknown XCVR type: 15"
and if try to set an IP for xl0 i've plenty of messages :
"xl0: command never completed!"
"xl0 transmission error ff"

If i have wifi car plugged in and acpi activated there is still the 
problem of "livelocked.."

My Wifi card is based on Prim54g, it's a Netgear WG511

Thanks for your help.

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