machine got stuck in "[diagnostic] cache_lock: blocked on 0xe4008260 "ttyp8" after issuing reboot (after remote update from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1)

Tomaž Borštnar tomaz.borstnar at
Sun Apr 24 07:00:51 PDT 2005


	I was remotely updating 1.2.0 machine to 1.2.1. Basically I compiled 
world, compiled kernel, installed kernel and recompiled kernel again 
with PF and ALTQ and installed it. After issuing reboot I could not 
reconnect. After some driving I discovered that machine did not reboot 
itself, because it got stuck (it was not hung!) in "[diagnostic] 
cache_lock: blocked on 0xe4008260 "ttyp8".

Basically output on screen was like this:

reboot: rebooted by user
syslogd: exiting on signal 15
pflog0: promiscuos mode disabled
Waiting for... (3 times - as usuall, all OK)
syncing disks...
"[diagnostic] cache_lock: blocked on 0xe4008260 "ttyp8"
and stayed there - until I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del:

Shutting down daemon processes:
Saving firewall state tables
init: some processes would not die...
Waiting for... (3 times - as usual, all OK)
and regular reboot.


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