/dev/drum versus libkvm?

walt wa1ter at myrealbox.com
Sun Apr 10 13:53:55 PDT 2005

I notice that libkvm uses some values defined in <sys/paths.h>
but one of those paths doesn't exist in DragonFly:

#define __SYS_PATH_DRUM         "/dev/drum"

I'm trying to fix a broken FBSD port which does a kvm_open()
before trying to read the swap usage, and I'm thinking maybe
this is the reason for the breakage.  (It's broken on FBSD
also and has been for a long time.)

I notice that pstat uses kvm_openfiles instead.  Would that
be a reasonable approach to fixing my broken port?

BTW, is libkinfo eventually going to absorb the functions
of libkvm?

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