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Wed Oct 27 07:47:37 PDT 2004

On topic:

BIND 9.2.4 has been released.  rc7 was the last one which fixed bugs.  rc 8
only has these changes until it became released:

1709.   [port]          solaris: add SMF support from Sun.

1708.   [cleanup]       Replaced dns_fullname_hash() with dns_name_fullhash()
                        for conformance to the name space convention.  Binary
                        backward compatibility to the old function name is
                        provided. [RT #12376]

1707.   [contrib]       sdb/ldap updated to version 1.0-beta.

1704.   [port]          lwres needed a snprintf() implementation for
                        platforms without snprintf(). [RT #12321]

1701.   [doc]           A minimal named.conf man page.

1700.   [func]          nslookup is no longer to be treated as deprecated.
                        Remove "deprecated" warning message.  Add man page.

1698.   [doc]           Use reserved IPv6 documentation prefix.

So I am not in a hurry to do anything about BIND at the moment.

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