cvs problem

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Oct 4 11:48:23 PDT 2004

:Sascha Wildner wrote:
:> 1) cvs checkout src    <=== Successful
:> 2) mv src src.old
:> 3) cvs checkout src    <=== Fails

    Heh.  Well, the problem is that the old API is trying to purge the
    namecache for rename() operations.  I was marking the node as being
    unresolved but then when a new directory is created it re-resolves it
    and the rest of the namecache under that dir becomes valid again.

    The only real way to fix this properly is for me to implement the new
    namecache semantics for rename.

    I can hack a fix to support the 'old' API, which I will commit soon,
    but what is going to happen is that any process chdir'd *INTO* the
    subdirectory being renamed will get lookup errors if it tries to '..'
    back out of it.  It isn't a usual occurance for that situation to occur,


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