More BTX boot issues...

Tim Wickberg me at
Mon Jun 28 00:51:37 PDT 2004

Tim Wickberg wrote:
Using latest sources, the loader fails to boot my machine. Built with 
gcc-2.95. Note that, unlike my other BTX reports, this is on my main 
machine, which has been working fine until now.
Correction: The failure is with GCC-3.4 . GCC-2.95 produces a working 

    IBM T40 Thinkpad
    1.6 ghz Pentium M, 512 mb RAM
    no serial ports
Error message:

BTX loader 1.00  BTX version is 1.01
Console: internal video/keyboard
Console: null port
BIOS drive C: is disk0
BIOS 636kB/522624kB availible memory
panic: stack overflow in function
--> Press a key on the console to reboot <--
-- Tim Wickberg
   me at xxxxxxxxxxx

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