walt wa1ter at
Sat Jun 26 13:23:57 PDT 2004

Adrian Nida wrote:

I've got a little buildworld script that I made.  However, everytime I run it, 
the following (tailed) happens:

gzip -cn /usr/src/usr.sbin/boot0cfg/boot0cfg.8 > boot0cfg.8.gz
===> etc
===> etc/sendmail
make: don't know how to make Stop
Are you saying that this error occurs *only* when you run the script?
Or also when you do a buildworld by hand?
Now, the script `rm -rf /usr/obj/*` and `rm -rf /usr/src/*` before cvsuping...
Do you really mean to delete your entire source tree every time?  This is very
inefficient use of bandwidth when cvsup must download the entire source tree
every time.

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