Boot hangs starting postfix

Joerg Sonnenberger joerg at
Fri Jun 11 10:33:51 PDT 2004

Can you try uncomment following line (521) in kern/kern_lockf.c and see
if you still hit that problem?

	if (lf_print_ranges)
	if (wakeup_needed) /* <-- this one! */
		lf_wakeup(lock, start, end);
	error = 0;

It does decrease the performance, but it isn't necessary for operation.
Also, it could help if you can provide either
a) ktrace output of all postfix processes or at least the bounce
b) the dmesg output of a kernel compiled with LOCKF_DEBUG in CFLAGS,
   use "w lf_print_range 1" from ddb prompt to activate this after the
   initial boot sequence [beware, heavy]
c) a way to reproduce this problem, so I can fix it myself


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