XFree86 hangs machine on exit

Johannes.Hofmann at gmx.de Johannes.Hofmann at gmx.de
Thu Jun 10 04:03:56 PDT 2004

I just had a look at the source and commented out the line

        memset(pSmi->FBBase, 0, 256 * 1024);    /* #689 */

in SMI_LeaveVT() in file
This solves the problem for me. No more hangs -- until now...
I have no idea though, what the memset() was good for in the first place,
and why it seems to cause trouble on BSD but not on Linux.


PS: I also had strange colors on my screen, when the machine locked up. No
motion though. It just locks.

Bernhard Valenti <bernhard.valenti at xxxxxxx> wrote:
> FWIW, i also have this issue with my laptop ATI Radeon 9600. i also get
> it when switching between X and console (about 1 out of 10 times as you
> mentioned). actually i remember a friend of mine having the very problem
> with his laptop. but thats about 2-3 years ago(not shure if he got it
> fixed). the card in his laptop was also an ATI.
> so maybe its a more generic bug, and not specific to the siliconmotion
> driver?
> what does you screen look like when it hangs? i have lots random colors,
> moving for some time, then it locks.
> regards,
> bernhard

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