Panic while starting X server

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jun 7 00:11:35 PDT 2004

:Kernel/quickworld built about an hour ago.  Boots fine, but
:panics when trying to start X.
:I too am new at kernel debugging, but here is what I have
:so far:

    This should hopefully be fixed now.  It was due to a bug in the
    accept race commit Jeff made.

    The solution turned out to be slightly more complex.  We've been
    slowly shifting protosw structures over to using LWKT messaging
    instead of direct calls, but unix domain sockets had not yet been
    switched over and the new listen code basically depended on the
    messaging interface, so the result was a panic.

    There are still issues... the unix domain socket code requires the
    user process context to get at ucreds and stuff... things we have not
    yet augmented the netmsg structure with.  Fortunately the LWKT 
    message/port abstraction supports synchronous operations.


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