two crashes + dumps

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Wed Jun 23 04:47:26 PDT 2004

Both times I was in X, both times doing a portupgrade on PostgreSQL.
Second time a lot less processes were running since I just started the box
again.  So aside from Window Maker, aterm, opera and the portupgrade nothing
of importance was running.

Machine locked solid, first time around I tried a number of keys and such to
see if I could break free into DDB or out of X, no avail, box rebooted and
crash dumped.

Second time it happened I was not touching anything.  Disk LED in both cases
was on, died off after a small wait and not too long after that it rebooted
itself and dumped crash.

My guess is a deadlock somewhere.

length:	82952237
md5:	dc3e294d23f27066564216a5a2839c41
length:	85243079
md5:	a34328100bf27d32864dfc7db58685d8

And please only download this stuff if you are really doing debugging work.
It's a mere cable connection.

I'll update my entire system in the meantime, see if any of the later stuff
fixes this.

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