rlwrap+ocaml = random reboots

Rahul Siddharthan rsidd at online.fr
Wed Jun 16 22:32:05 PDT 2004

Two or three times now, my computer has rebooted when I'm using ocaml
(the interactive toploop of the objective caml system) via rlwrap (a
readline library wrapper for interactive programs that allows
bash-style commandline editing, incredibly useful).  Specifically,
this happens when, after using ocaml interactively for a while, I try
to quit with ^D.  It doesn't always happen, but if I try, it looks
like I can reproduce it fairly quickly.

I think this is a bug in rlwrap, since once it also bit me on linux
(again with ocaml).  There it did not reboot the machine, but locked
it up solid for a minute or so, and then the program aborted with a
segfault or something and the machine returned to normal.

With DragonFly, the reboot doesn't seem to be a panic.  I tried
enabling crash dumps, but nothing is dumped.

Both rlwrap and ocaml were installed from ports; the rlwrap port
complains about the system not having a current version of readline, 
but I got around that by installing the ports version and commenting
out that check in the makefile.  Anyway, because of the linux
issue, I don't believe this is the problem.  

Neither rlwrap nor the ocaml system are suid.  rlwrap manipulates the
controlling tty in some way, but as an unprivileged process.  

Nothing like this has happened with any other program. 

Anything I can do to help track it down?  Or is it likely to be fixed
already?  This is a kernel from May 31.


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