SiS 645DX problems

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jan 30 14:45:12 PST 2004

:irq 1: keyboard
:irq 5: firewire, usb
:irq 10: usb, nic, number of devices for which no device drivers are
:At this point I removed the nic device driver from the kernel which made no
:difference.Then, I removed in turn the firewire and the usb from the kernel
:which seemed to make it boot perfectly (I didn't try this long enough to be
:100% sure of this).
:Last thing I can say is that when I add some printf's before the spl0 call
:and in the sched_ithd function in kern/kern_intr.c the system does not hang.
:So, any suggestions how I can proceed further?
:Jeroen Ketema

    I this your removal of firewire and usb is a big hint as to what is
    going on.  I recently brought in the USB infrastructure from 5.x.

    Could you do more comprehensive tests with the removal of USB and firewire?
    I'd like to know for sure which one is creating the problem or if both
    must be removed for SiS to become reliable.

    It definitely sounds like an interrupt related problem.  The
    non-deterministic behavior of the SiS could be due to latencies or
    other issues created by USB and/or Firewire.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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