panic during 'cvs -R -d /home/dcvs/ checkout src'

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jan 26 23:15:42 PST 2004

:Third time's the charm.  I hope.
:  db> trace 0xc9123be4
:  panic(c02d3b4d) at panic+0x97
:  panic(c02d1fc0,10002,c94adfc0,c94ae02c,c9123c2c) at panic+0x97
:  lockmgr(c94c1a90,1010002,c94ae02c,c4824b00,c9123c38) at lockmgr+0x360
:  vop_stdlock(c9123c50,c9123c60,c01aa898,c9123c50,c94adfc0) at
:	vop_stdlock+0x3b
:  ufs_vnoperate(c9123c50) at ufs_vnoperate+0x15
:  vn_lock(c94adfc0,10002,c4824b00,c94adfc0,c94ae02c) at vn_lock+0x90
:  vget(c94adfc0,10002,c4824b00) at vget+0x97
:  ufs_ihashget(c4c45f78,c505,c9740620,c9740620,c4824b00) at
:	ufs_ihashget+0xaf
:  ffs_vget(c9103530,c505,c9123cf4) at ffs_vget+0x22
:  handle_workitem_remove(c9740620,c4824b00,0,0,0) at
:	handle_workitem_remove+0x28
:  process_worklist_item(0,0,0,0,c0b17ce4) at process_worklist_item+0x10d
:  softdep_process_worklist(0) at softdep_process_worklist+0x106
:  sched_sync(0,0,0,0,0) at sched_sync+0x17c
:  kthread_exit() at kthread_exit
:  db>
:>     If you can get a crash dump that would be good to, typing 'panic'
:>     and hitting return once or twice will get you there. but if you
:Yeah, unfortunately not... I'll set it up for next time and see if I
:can't reproduce this by running cvs checkout again.
:Well, I hope this helps in some small way.  Thanks for guiding me
:through it.

    Yes, this helps a lot.  This is a bug that David Rhodus encountered
    a while ago...   We thought we fixed it November 13'th and 16'th.

    So the question becomes... is the kernel that crashed on you what that
    was compiled with a sys tree updated prior to November 16th?  If so,
    then simply updating your /usr/src/sys and recompiling and installing
    a new kernel ought to fix the problem.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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