Booting daily snapshot 2CSNAP-20040114-2345

Jeroen koffieyahoo at
Mon Jan 26 01:15:32 PST 2004

"Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai" <asmodai at xxxxxx> wrote:
> I see now why.  On the SiS site the SiS 645DX is only mentioned in
> combination with the MuTIOL 961.  The B-stepping of this chipset and the
> 961 _DOES_ have ATA133 capability.  The pre-B stepping of the 961 does
> not.

This seems to be an omission on the SiS website. I've a SiS 963.

> >As I answerd in the other thread: I'll try to backport.
> I am still not convinced it is the way forward.  I will make ATA my top
> priority to work on, it's been bugging us enough.

What might be a good solution is to just import ata-chipset.c from FBSD 5,
make that work and leave the rest as it is.

Jeroen Ketema

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