Booting daily snapshot 2CSNAP-20040114-2345

Jeroen koffieyahoo at
Sat Jan 24 05:53:17 PST 2004

"Matthew Dillon" <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> :As I answerd in the other thread: I'll try to backport.
> :
>     David Rhodus had been working on that but I think if you want to give
>     a try, please go ahead.

I was a bit cryptic here (my laptop battery was just about to die), what I
meant was just backporting the code related to the SiS 645dx. But after I've
done that backporting the complete ATAng code might be nice to work on.
We'll see...

Jeroen Ketema

PS I believe I managed to backport the SiS 645dx related code from FBSD 5.2
to FBSD 4.8, DFly has to wait until Monday, because I will not try to get
the DFly source code by 56k6 modem... :-)

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