Booting daily snapshot 2CSNAP-20040114-2345

Jeroen koffieyahoo at
Mon Jan 19 23:54:47 PST 2004

"Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai" <asmodai at xxxxxx> wrote:
> >Mmm, that sounds quite horrible and definitely something I don't want
> >to try.
> Best way to get the details if no specifications are available.
> >So what is the best thing to do? Just wait until it is fixed (if it isn't
> >already)? :-)
> Well, the ATA driver in FreeBSD CURRENT is also probably not the
> way we may want to go.  Not saying what we have now is perfect.

I understand you don't want the FreeBSD ATA code in DragonFly, but as that
code works I might be interesting to see who it exactly interfaces with the
hardware. To me this doesn't sounds like something more/less
dangerous/time-consuming than reverse engineering a windows driver. Or am I
missing something here?

This btw returns me to my original question: where exactly do I find the
relevant code in the source tree?

Jeroen Ketema

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