Strange panic with today's kernel

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jan 8 10:35:53 PST 2004

:>     If you didn't reboot after calling installworld I can tell you what
:>     the issue is... it's simple:  init crashed because you ripped the
:>     binary out from under it and replaced it with a new binary.  The
:>     old already-running init tried to page something in and BANG!
:shouldn't something in the kernel prevent such things to happen?
:Something like "text file busy" when writing to the file or such...
:besides, I thought install creates a tmp file and renames that to the 
:destination. Then init should still exist on disk, until last reference 
:is closed?
:   simon

    Yes, there is the text file busy mechanism.  There is something going
    on... it is still possible to overwrite binaries even with tfb, I can
    only assume that that is what is happening somehow.


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