My newyear's resolution is...

Paul Herman pherman at
Tue Jan 6 12:34:40 PST 2004

. ..nano!

There are some minor bugs in the clock code that produce
interesting results.  For background info, have a look at:

There are still some open problems that I haven't gotten to yet,
such as the clock aliasing, but I thought I'd share my tinkering
with the fine folks on the list before I go on vacation and see
what sticks.  I also have other longer term ideas such as
decreasing the precision of most kernel timing from micro seconds
to nano (or perhaps even atto).  Most of the internal work now
still seems to be done in struct timevals (microseconds.)

Anyway, there is a patch burried on the page to correct one of the
problems with tvtohz(). It works fine, but it probably shouldn't be
commited as is, because there are other places in the kernel that
use tvtohz() that should be (re)adjusted for the change in ticks.

Comments, questions, and/or discussion is welcome!

Happy new year!

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