DragonFly hung up in Vmware

Hiten Pandya hmp at backplane.com
Sun Feb 29 12:34:08 PST 2004

Hiten Pandya wrote:
David Cuthbert wrote:

a1rsupp1y wrote:

i install DragonFly in vmware, and at install stage,it will sudden 
hung up, dont know why, i have to reboot and reinstall. after reboot 
and reinstall 3 times, i  install it ok. and at cvsup phase,it hung 
up again, then i try ssh login, it's ok, i can remote login. and can 
control it again. but i can't control through console. i dont know if 
it's a bug.
This is a bug in VMware on Linux (possibly Windows, too), triggered by 
something unusual DragonFly is doing.  I've seen it on both 4.0.2 and 

Basically, VMware's console becomes extremely sluggish -- it can take 
minutes for keypresses to register or output to update.  I've managed 
to reboot VMware under such a circumstance, and the slugishness 
continues into the boot phase and BIOS setup screen, which pretty much 
nails it as a VMware bug.

I've been chasing what in DF causes this for a couple weeks now, but 
to no avail.
    On that note, I am going to download the latest shareware of
    VMWare and test out this problem, as currently I am running
    build 4460.
	Ok, I have tested this on build 4460 of VMware without any
	issues.  Instead of burning your ISO on a CD-R, could you
	please boot directly from the latest live-cd ISO?  I have
	successfuly been able to configure and install the latest of
	live-CDs onto the VMware.
	This is on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server, with the latest
	service pack, and it also works on Windows 2000 Professional;
	so I would make an assumption that it would be the same case
	with Windows XP too... but I might give it a try on XP, if I
	get some time today.
	My next test target will be the latest build of VMware-4.

	Bear with me on this... I will get back to you. :-)


		Hiten Pandya (hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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